Team DanceSmith

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." --Mattie Stepanek”!


Sujit Kayal, One of the renowned Creative Live Entertainment Content Developer of India. His works speaks his excellence in the Live entertainment industry. Sujit started his career as a computer programmer. Creative site of his personality moulted his interest into advertising industry and took him to Delhi in year 1992 from where he explored event industry and found his interest. Today Sujit has 22+ years of experience in corporate and Live Entertainment Industry.

After having an accomplishment in the field of Events as well as in advertising, he found something more can be done for the industry, Prior DanceSmith he spends a lots to develop Live Entertainment Content for event management and wedding planners.

DanceSmith is an initiative to establish Performance Group in the field of Live Entertainment and tried to change the face of Creative Entertainment in the country, with vision of bringing stability for the performance group in the industry. He started DanceSmith in the year 2012 as his first move towards execution of his experimental thought and in this five years of operations, he developed a group which established itself with their exceptionally grand performances.

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DanceSmith leadership workplace put 18+ young people working with full of energy to execute the best for everything. The team of creatives, accounts, marketing, operations working together and contributes to the growth of company and the industry.

Principle Dancers








We have India’s finest principal dancers working and performing as team DanceSmith. They are well trained and perfect blend of glamour and grace in the Entertainment Industry.


We have a team of 60+ trained hard-working dancer performing as our performance team. The hard work and dedication towards their passion of dancing took our acts a level up from others.